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Terri Brinston

I just recently accepted the fact that I am smart. I struggled with low self-image; this stemmed from being a special Ed student. I searched for years to overcome my self-limiting beliefs. It was emotionally paralyzing. I desperately sought to find something, anything to help me overcome this overwhelming feeling of worthlessness and this mess, that I called my life. Through my search, I dove into education. After high school, I became a cosmetologist and then pursued my BSN (bachelor’s degree in nursing). I became a legal nurse consultant, earned a teacher’s certificate, and continued and received an MA (master of arts in education and administration) while working full time, running my own business, and being a wife and mom. No matter how much success I had, I could never celebrate my victory.

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Grateful for the journey Surviving COVID – 19

“The inspirational book by Terri Brinston will tell readers how she battled the odds to find her true purpose and that we can do the same when we let God guide us on the path to redemption. She shares how it feels to be stuck. To have barriers that prevent you from moving forward. She believes that God used her healing journey from COVID-19 to reveal her joy, her Tragedy to tell her Truth, and her Fear to expose her Freedom.”


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I provide individual or group coaching.  Let me help you create a new path for your life.  Break free of whatever is holding you back and start making progress toward your goals. I help you make sense of your life challenges while helping you create a roadmap to your desired future.

Motivational Speaker

I love to share my story while empowering youth, young adults, and women to discover their own stories while connecting the dots to their purpose.  I don’t just motivate you to get started. I provide the tools to help you maintain the momentum to get where you want to go.


I have inspired hundreds of groups and organizations to reach their mission through my proven strategies. My four-part strategic approach to successful school health includes a needs assessment, district care plan, formation of a coordinated school health team, and an evaluation.

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Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Our primary focus is to help students and young adults overcome barriers that prevent or delay success in school and life by providing them access to a holistic support system. Click Here To Read More

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