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Terri Brinston

I just recently accepted the fact that I am smart. I struggled with low self-image; this stemmed from being a special Ed student. I searched for years to overcome my self-limiting beliefs. It was emotionally paralyzing. I desperately sought to find something, anything to help me overcome this overwhelming feeling of worthlessness and this mess, that I called my life. Through my search, I dove into education. After high school, I became a cosmetologist and then pursued my BSN (bachelor’s degree in nursing). I became a legal nurse consultant, earned a teacher’s certificate, and continued and received an MA (master of arts in education and administration) while working full time, running my own business, and being a wife and mom. No matter how much success I had, I could never celebrate my victory. As I was on my way to enroll in a doctorate program (in 2017 at 50), I said, enough is enough! I decided to take my advice that I have been pouring into my students for over 20 years. I embraced the fact that everything I need is already in me. I stopped searching to find myself, and I discovered I was not lost. With my recent bout with COVID-19, I lose my memory, so I started to recapture my thoughts by writing about my life, which helped me put my life back together. Although this process was merely therapeutic at first, it quickly became revealed that God magnificently orchestrated the accounts of my life to lead me to who I am today. As a result of this newfound knowledge, I was able to surrender to my purpose.

I often wondered if God was punishing me. Now I know that I had to go through all that I had gone through, so I could help others. I know how it feels to be stuck. To have barriers that prevent you from moving forward. I believe that the Lord used my healing journey from COVID-19 to reveal my joy, my Tragedy to tell my Truth, and my Fear to expose my Freedom.

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