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Grateful for the journey Surviving COVID – 19

Every tragedy that you face in life can teach you something, and it is a gift from God if you can learn from your disasters and implement the findings to make sure that you improve your life and those around you. The author was struck with the potentially deadly COVID-19 virus, and being that close to death put everything into perspective as she believes that she has learned a great deal because of it all. The author now wishes to shares her knowledge and wisdom in this book, a life-changing read for anyone that decides to pick it up. Grab your copies today to learn more!

The book uses Terri’s life stories to explain how we can not control trials, but we can choose how we deal with them. Life is hard sometimes, and we are powerless when it comes to misfortune. Misfortune is unpredictable and may be extremely stressful, and cause a great deal of pressure. The pressure is what turns a lump of coal into a diamond. Terri believes that God uses this same process to develop our character, so we are prepared to carry out our purpose.

It is crucial to develop the ability to cope with the inevitable consequences of hardship. Unfortunately, our youth and young adults do not possess the skills to do so. This fact has motivated her life’s work of pouring into young people by helping them discover a new way of living by creating a new way of thinking. Terri helps them reframe their current reality so they can perceive a new possibility for their life. This new perspective is being delivered through the Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation’s programs, “Life Support For Students, and Young Adult Support System.” The Nurturing Wellness Group Foundation helps young people overcome barriers that prevent or delay school and life success by providing them access to a holistic support system.

Why Read It?

Grateful for the journey Surviving COVID – 19

“The inspirational book by Terri Brinston will tell readers how she battled the odds to find her true purpose and that we can do the same when we let God guide us on the path to redemption. She shares how it feels to be stuck. To have barriers that prevent you from moving forward. She believes that God used her healing journey from COVID-19 to reveal her joy, her Tragedy to tell her Truth, and her Fear to expose her Freedom.”


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